Victim Services

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is committed to helping all victims of crime. The Bureau of Victim Services provides essential services to crime victims and witnesses. 

Victim services representatives provide a range of free services to help victims become survivors. They work in courthouses and police stations and are available to provide assistance in several languages. Program services are provided free of charge and there is no legal residency or citizenship requirement. 

Services include:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Emergency assistance
  • Counseling referrals
  • Case status notification
  • Court escort and orientation
  • Restitution assistance

Victim services representatives work in coordination with deputy district attorneys and are specially trained to help children, seniors, people with disabilities and victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and other violent crime.  The Bureau of Victim Services is also available to assist crime victims with the filing of claims with the California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB).

Request Victim Services at (800) 380-3811.