Human Trafficking

Southern California is a top destination in the country for human trafficking – a criminal enterprise so lucrative it is topped only by the sale of illegal drugs.

Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion to lure their victims into commercial sexual exploitation – with some victims as young as 12 – and other labor conditions.

The District Attorney’s Office pursues a multifaceted approach to holding human traffickers accountable and helping victims.

The Human Sex Trafficking Section was created to prosecute the criminals who exploit these victims.

The Organized Crime and Consumer Protection Divisions prosecute human trafficking cases involving the illegal trade of people for commercial gain.

The Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program provides minor and adult victims of trafficking with the specialized services they need. Additional information may be found in the Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program pamphlet.

The District Attorney’s Office takes steps to raise awareness of Human Trafficking. The office distributes posters to businesses, hospitals and transit providers that urge people to call telephone hotlines (1-888-539-2373 or 1-888-373-7888) if they suspect human trafficking activity. 

You may download the poster, which includes information in Spanish and Chinese, here.

The office also has worked to inform victims that even if they are in the country illegally, there are laws protecting them from exploitation. A video Fraud Alert produced by the
office is included to the right. Additional information in English and Spanish may be found here.