The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office provides resources to assist the residents of the most populous and diverse county in the nation.

The office’s pamphlets educate residents on how they can avoid becoming victims of crime. They also provide valuable resources for crime victims and their families.

Project LEAD reaches thousands of fifth-grade students, providing them a 20-week law-related education program designed to improve their understanding of the criminal justice system and give them critical decision-making skills to help them stay out of trouble.

The office also works with local service organizations to pay tribute to local residents who selflessly stopped crimes, assisted victims or testified in court under extraordinary circumstances. The District Attorney’s Courageous Citizen Awards are presented several times a year throughout the county.

The Holiday Giving Drive is the office's annual effort to raise funds to provide gifts, food and other essential items to crime victims and their children during the holiday season. Much of the money comes from employees, but donations from the public are welcomed.