Inside LADA

May 8, 2023: Become a Deputy District Attorney at LADA!


The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is pleased to announce that it is hiring for the position of Deputy District Attorney (DDA) I. The starting salary for a DDA I is $7,892.64 per month.   

We are the largest local prosecutorial office in the United States, serving the most populous county in the country.

Nearly 1,000 attorneys, known as deputy district attorneys (DDA's) represent the people of the State of California, and prosecute serious crimes called felonies throughout Los Angeles.

They also prosecute less serious crimes known as misdemeanors in unincorporated areas and in 78 of the county’s 88 cities. Ten cities, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica and Pasadena, have city prosecutors who handle misdemeanor crimes and municipal code violations that occur within their jurisdictions.

Employment with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office offers excellent opportunities for competitive salaries, benefits and growth and development. It also provides the personal satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with knowing you are contributing essential services to the residents of Los Angeles County.

Applications will be accepted through Monday, May 22, 2023 BEFORE 5:00 p.m. (PT). Click here to apply.