Health Care Fraud

Fraudulent miracle cures abound, and older adults are primary targets of individuals who peddle them. Those suffering from serious illnesses, such as cancer, arthritis and heart problems, desperately try “cures” that are no help and often divert them from traditional medical treatment. Be wary of these health care frauds.

Warning Signs

  • The salesperson pressures you to buy a product that allegedly will cure your illness or save your life.

  • The claims of the product sound too good to be true. If it claims to provide "easy weight loss" or a "miraculous cure," be on guard.


  • When you deal with any medical or health care professional, confirm their credentials.

  • Discuss any health care product with your doctor or reputable health care professional.

  • Be sure that the health product does not conflict with the medications you are already taking.

  • Do not stop taking prescription medication without first discussing it with your physician.

  • Before purchase, ask for written details on any costs for returning a product. Fraudulent remedies with “money-back guarantees” often include undisclosed charges.

  • Question everything. If you are using the Internet for research, make sure the information you are receiving is credible and reliable.

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