Assistance for Victims

If you are a legal resident of Los Angeles County and your child has been abducted in violation of a valid custody order, the District Attorney’s Child Abduction Section may be able to help locate your child.

Child Abduction Section investigators have the authority to locate and return children who have been unlawfully taken or held in violation of a valid custody order, even if the children have been taken to another county, state or country.

Victims of child abduction should report the crime to police and the District Attorney's Child Abduction Section, which may assist in locating a child who has been taken in violation of a valid custody order or a parent’s legal rights in California. 

Call (213) 257-2600 to make an appointment to meet with an investigator at the District Attorney’s Child Abduction Section, which is located at 211 West Temple Street,  Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Walk-ins also are accepted Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What to bring with you:

Bring your current valid custody order specifying that you have primary physical custody of your child or children.

Bring photographs of your child and the abductor, if available.

If your child has been abducted and you are in the process of seeking primary physical custody or attempting to modify an existing custody/visitation order, call the Child Abduction Section at (213) 257-2600 for information about what documents to bring to your appointment.

You will be required to fill out a Child Abduction Questionnaire, which is available here. It may be printed and filled out in advance. At your appointment, an investigator will review the information you provide. If appropriate criteria are met, a case will be opened.