Child Abduction

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is committed to protecting the custody rights of parents and legal guardians throughout Los Angeles County and prosecuting those who abduct children in violation of those rights and California law.

The District Attorney’s Child Abduction Section is composed of specially trained prosecutors and investigators who assist victims of child abduction in three ways:

  • Criminal Prosecution: Deputy district attorneys prosecute persons charged with abducting, concealing or withholding a child from a parent or legal guardian who lives in Los Angeles County.

  • Enforcement of Family Court Orders: If a child is abducted from Los Angeles County in violation of a valid custody order, investigators will attempt to locate and return the child to the lawful custodian or guardian, even if the child has been taken to another county, state or country. Read more.

  • International Child Abduction Assistance: Specially trained staff utilize international treaties and protocols to seek the return of children who have been abducted from Los Angeles County and taken to other nations.

To contact the Child Abduction Section, call (213) 257-2600.