The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office produces a wide variety of pamphlets to inform the public of its programs and services for crime victims and the community. Most pamphlets are published in English and Spanish.

Pamphlets may be downloaded and printed by clicking on the links highlighted below.

To order pamphlets, please indicate the quantity requested -- no more than 100 of each -- and then proceed to checkout to complete the online order form.

Please note, if the request is in excess of 500 pamphlets total, we ask that you arrange pick-up of the order.

Child Abuse

Offers resources on the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

*Only English - Español is available for order.

Child Abuse Reporting

Lists who are mandated child abuse reporters and the types of abuse and neglect that must be reported.

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Crime Victims - Know Your Rights

Explains services provided by the Bureau of Victim Services, victims' rights and lists victim centers.

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Domestic Violence

Includes resources and advice to help victims find a safe way out of abusive relationships.

*Only English - Español is available for order.

Families Surviving Criminal Homicide

Assists survivors by explaining the criminal justice process and listing resources for dealing with issues unique to families of criminal homicide victims.

*Only English and Español are available for order.

Hate Crimes

Defines hate crimes in California, explains how these crimes are prosecuted and lists resources for victims.

*Only English - Español is available for order.

Human Trafficking Prevention Poster

Provides hotline numbers to report human trafficking activity.

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Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program

Describes District Attorney's Office program that provides minor and adult human trafficking victims with specialized services.

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Marsy's Law

Highlights certain rights afforded victims under the California Constitution.

*Only English - Español is available for order.

Navigating the Criminal Justice System

Offers a basic review of the criminal justice system, defines key legal terms and provides resources for victims and advice for witnesses.

*Only English and Español are available for order.