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March 31, 2022: Watch: District Attorney Gascón Unveils Human Trafficking Diversion Program

Link to human trafficking diversion news conference

District Attorney George Gascón unveiled a diversion program that aims to improve and restore the lives of human trafficking victims. He was joined by Los Angeles County Public Defender Ricardo Garcia, Alternate Public Defender Erika Anzoategui and others.

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March 10, 2022: Watch: District Attorney Gascón Shares Tips On How to Prevent Auto Thefts

Link to auto theft prevention English video

District Attorney George Gascón has released a public service announcement warning residents to be vigilant in response to a noticeable increase in auto thefts in Los Angeles County.

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February 22, 2022: District Attorney Gascón Sponsors Legislation To Curb Catalytic Converter Thefts

Link to catalytic converter theft legislation news release

Catalytic converters are a popular target of theft. District Attorney George Gascón is sponsoring SB 986 to protect consumers and give law enforcement tools to help reduce property crime.

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February 8, 2022: Human Trafficking Prevention Campaign

Human Trafficking Hotline

It is a sad fact that Los Angeles County is one of the nation’s top destinations for human trafficking.

To end this tragic crime, the District Attorney’s Office is enlisting the help of government leaders, community activists, law enforcement personnel, the business community and members of the public to raise awareness about labor and sex trafficking.Read more...

October 6, 2021: Hate Crimes Unit to Launch Restorative Justice Project

With a $200,000 federal grant, LADA will launch an innovative two-year, post-conviction pilot project that aims to curtail hate crimes and xenophobia at a time when such crimes have surged.

"Whether it's the AAPI, Jewish or LGBTQ community, this is a cutting-edge approach to protecting specific communities being targeted with crimes of violence or crimes of property," said Deputy District Attorney Paul Kim, who secured the funds from the Department of Homeland Security.Read more...

September 16, 2021: LADA Joins County's Anti-Racism Initiative

As part of a countywide initiative, LADA is taking a deeper look into how the work of the office impacts the community.

Seven prosecutors are participating the county’s Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (ARDI), which will guide and increase the county’s commitment to fighting racism and bolstering inclusivity.

“The work that we do intersects with mental health issues and economic justice in terms of jobs people can get after their incarceration,” said Deputy District Attorney Kim Toney. “It affects housing, education. What we do has broader implications.”Read more...

August 16, 2021: Montgomery Honored for Project LEAD Dedication

Congratulations to Deputy District Attorney Melita Montgomery who was named Project LEAD Facilitator of the Year.

Montgomery has volunteered to teach students the office’s law-related educational program since 1995. Most recently, the Antelope Valley Branch Office prosecutor taught students in Lancaster.Read more...

July 13, 2021: Deputy District Attorney Sisak Certified in Advanced Cybersecurity

Deputy District Attorney Luke Sisak, of the Cyber Crimes Division, has received a cybersecurity certification that will benefit the prosecution of complex high-tech cases.

Sisak recently completed a Global Information Security Fundamentals (GISF) course that provides training in the technical aspects of computers and networking. The certification is rare among lawyers.

He said the training is beneficial when reviewing investigators' findings in complex cases involving online threats, wire fraud and cryptocurrency.Read more...