Victim Programs

Representatives from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Victim Services provides assistance to victims of crime. These include crisis intervention; emergency assistance; counseling referrals; court escort and orientation; restitution assistance; returning of property; assistance with employers; and case status notification.

Victim Services personnel work with prosecutors and are specially trained to help children, elders, people with disabilities and victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and gang crime who have specialized needs. Staff members are available to assist victims in several languages.  Specialized and multicultural assistance also is available.

The Special Emphasis Program assists victims of gang violence in areas most affected by these crimes. Program staff may be reached at (213) 257-2034 and (310) 603-7127. In addition to providing comprehensive assistance to all victims of crime, the Bureau of Victim Services has assigned staff to work in specialized prosecutorial units to concentrate on the needs of these specific victim populations.

Those units include:

  • Elder Abuse Section (213) 257-2290

  • Family Violence Division (213) 257-2173

  • Realignment Victims' Services Program (213) 974-1637

  • Sex Crimes Division (213) 257-2054