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Elder Abuse

The District Attorney's Office realizes that along with the pleasures of growing older and having more leisure time, senior citizens are also vulnerable to certain crimes. Some criminals prey on seniors, who often have more assets, are more willing to trust others, and may be vulnerable because of loneliness or diminishing physical or mental facilities. Criminals may attempt to exploit that trust, steal a senior’s money, or physically abuse or neglect them.

The District Attorney’s Office is committed to fighting elder abuse and improving the quality of life for seniors. To that end, the District Attorney’s Office was the first local prosecutor’s office in the country to establish an Elder Abuse Section with a staff specially trained and dedicated to prosecuting crimes against the elderly. These specially trained attorneys vertically prosecute elder abuse cases, which means that one deputy district attorney handles a case from beginning to end.

The most effective line of defense against elder abuse remains seniors themselves. By resisting high-pressure sales tactics, taking time to make decisions, and – most importantly – discussing personal matters with trusted friends and loved ones, seniors can often prevent many forms of elder abuse. The information on this web site – which can be accessed from the links at the top of the page – will help seniors protect themselves by further explaining "elder abuse" and giving tips for its prevention.

Please review this information and discuss it with others. If you are concerned that someone is attempting to victimize you or a senior you know, please contact the appropriate agency listed in the telephone numbers section, the Elder Abuse Hotline at (877) 477-3646, or your local law enforcement agency.

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