The policies of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office are based on research, science and data. Visit our Research page to explore the studies behind the policies.


Brady Policy 
Disclosure of Exculpatory and Impeachment Information
Chapter 14 - Legal Policies Manual 

Discovery Compliance System Manual
Revised July 2022


Conviction Integrity
Special Directive 20-13
Conviction Integrity Unit


Death Penalty
Special Directive 20-11
Death Penalty Policy


Expungement Policies and Procedures
Penal Code Section 299 Agency Responsibilities for Los Angeles County

Proof of Service-030 by First-Class Mail Civil Form

Petition for Expungement of DNA Profiles and Samples Form

Order for Expungement of DNA Profiles and Samples Form


Felony Case Settlement Policy
Special Directive 03-04
Collateral Consequences


Habeas Corpus Litigation
Special Directive 21-04
Habeas Corpus Litigation


Special Directive 22-07
Immigration Policy


Justice System Integrity Division
Police Use of Force Flowchart
Steps Followed by the District Attorney's Justice System Integrity Division

Officer-Involved Shooting Flowchart
Steps Followed by the District Attorney's Justice System Integrity Division

Justice System Integrity Division Protocol
Criminal Misconduct Allegations by Law Enforcement Personnel Protocol

Justice System Integrity Division Protocol
District Attorney Officer/Deputy-Involved Shooting Response Program Protocol


Special Directive 20-07
Misdemeanor Case Management Policy


Penal Code Section 17(b)(4) Direct Filing Policy
Inter-Agency Operational Agreement
Penal Code Section 17(b)(4) Referrals

Schedule I REVISED June 21, 2021
Direct Referral Criteria


Pretrial Release
Special Directive 20-06
Pretrial Release Policy

Special Directive 20-06.1
Clarification on Pretrial Release


Special Directive 20-14
Resentencing Policy

Special Directive 22-05
Resentencing in Post-Conviction Cases


Sentencing Enhancements
Special Directive 20-08
Sentencing Enhancements/Allegations Policy

Special Directive 20-08.1
Clarification on Sentencing Enhancements/Allegations

Special Directive 20-08.2
Amendment to Special Directive 20-08

Special Directive 21-01
Revised Policies

Special Directive 22-02
Alternative Charging Evaluation Policies/Procedures


Sexual Assault
Chapter 4.01, Office Policy Manual
Sexual Assault Victim Interview Policy


Victim Services
Special Directive 20-12
Victim Services Policy


Youth Justice
Special Directive 20-09
Youth Justice Policy

Special Directive 22-03
Alternative Charging Evaluation Policies/Procedures