Hearing Officer Program

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Hearing Officer Program offers an alternative to criminal prosecution in certain low-level misdemeanor cases.

These cases frequently involve minor assaults, such as confrontations between neighbors; family disputes that do not involve domestic violence or child abuse; or neighborhood disputes involving health and safety infractions or violations of local or state agency regulations.

Deputy district attorneys who review police reports prior to filing charges or who supervise prosecutions determine if cases qualify for the program and meet its strict guidelines.

The Hearing Officer Program diverts some criminal matters from already crowded courtrooms to save county resources and collects restitution when appropriate. The program offers a sound alternative to costly criminal proceedings while providing a means for fair resolution of these matters.

The matters are handled by hearing officers, most of whom are former law enforcement officers and skilled in conflict resolution.

More than 1,300 referrals were made to the program in 2014.

Download the Hearing Officer Program pamphlet.