Conviction Review Unit


The Conviction Review Unit was created by District Attorney Jackie Lacey in 2015 and is responsible for reviewing claims of actual innocence submitted by inmates, attorneys and innocence projects.

The District Attorney initiated the unit to ensure that innocent people are not currently incarcerated and to maintain the office’s tradition of pursuing the truth and seeking justice.

To qualify for review, the convicted person must still be in custody, the crime must have been a violent or serious felony and there must be new credible evidence of innocence. Please note that individuals seeking relief under California Penal Code 1170.95 (Senate Bill 1473) must direct their petitions to the sentencing court. The Conviction Review Unit does not consider such petitions.

For more information, review our frequently asked questions.

Requests must be submitted in writing to the District Attorney’s Office. To file a claim, please click here for the form. Formal court documents do not need to be attached.