The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office works to improve public safety through the prosecution of crimes in a just and ethical manner. The office prosecutes more than 71,000 felonies and 110,000 misdemeanors every year.

The prosecutors, investigators and support staff members of the District Attorney’s Office work every day to take violent criminals off the streets and seek justice for victims. There are roughly 1,000 lawyers and nearly 300 investigators in the office working in regional offices and specialized units such as the  Sex Crimes Division, Family Violence Division, Elder Abuse Section and Crimes Against Peace Officers Section.

With equal intensity, the District Attorney’s Office prosecutes fraud and corruption cases, which can harm individuals, defraud the government, hike retail prices, cost taxpayers millions of dollars and undermine the judicial system. The office is committed to stopping crimes like identity theft and financial scams that target the elderly. The office’s fraud and corruption units have specially trained prosecutors and investigators dedicated to ensuring that the integrity of our financial, public and law enforcement sectors is maintained.

But the District Attorney’s Office does more than prosecute criminals. The largest local prosecutorial agency in the nation provides leadership in developing new programs and initiatives to reform and solve issues in the criminal justice system.

The District Attorney's Office has helped develop and promote alternative sentencing programs for nonviolent offenders such as Veterans Court, Homeless Court and Drug Court to make sure there are more prison cells to hold the state’s most violent offenders.

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