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May 31, 2020: Statement From District Attorney Jackie Lacey

Media Relations Division
(213) 257-2000

I am saddened by the culmination of injustice in our society that has, once again, resulted in anger and despair erupting into violence in our streets.

I send my sincerest sympathy to George Floyd’s family and friends.

His life mattered.

In death, Mr. Floyd forces us to, once again, confront the racial disparity in all aspects of our society, but especially in the criminal justice system.

My hope is that justice prevails.

My prayer is that we see people exercise their First Amendment right in a peaceful way and that no more lives are lost to senseless violence at the hands of police or civilians.

As we struggle with racial and economic inequality, we cannot condone destroying one person’s American Dream to atone for another’s historic oppression.

All members of our community have a right to be safe and a right to be heard. When these two tenets of our democracy needlessly clash, we all lose.

As the leader of the largest local prosecutor’s office in the nation, I am reaffirming my commitment to fight for justice for all.