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October 8, 2014: Sheriff John L. Scott and District Attorney Jackie Lacey Rededicate the Hall of Justice in a Grand Reopening Ceremony

Shiara Dávila-Morales, Media Chief
(213) 257-2000

It is with great pride that Sheriff John L. Scott, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, the Los Angeles

County Board of Supervisors and the Chief Executive Officer announce the rededication and

reopening of the Hall of Justice.

The Hall of Justice (Hall) is located at 211 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, at the corner of

Broadway and Temple streets, amid the center of the Los Angeles Civic Center district.

This historically important and architecturally stunning Art Deco building built in 1925 is not

only beautiful but also stood as the functional centerpiece of the Los Angeles County criminal

justice system. For 60 years, the 14-story, 550,000 square-foot icon held offices for the Sheriff’s

Department, District Attorney, Coroner, Public Defender and Tax Collector; housed Los Angeles

County jail inmates; and held Los Angeles County courts.

The Hall sat vacant for almost two decades after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. In 2011, the

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a $231 million restoration

project. It was a practical decision, allowing close proximity of the Hall to other Los Angeles

County administrative buildings, federal and state courts, municipal government facilities and

key cultural centers. It was a fiscally sound decision with most renovation costs being offset by

termination of other property lease obligations of County agencies which moved into the

building, as well as lowered construction costs which resulted from the slow economy.

In 2012, preservation, renovation and structural improvement efforts began to reawaken the

Hall’s beauty. Progressively and methodically, her walls were repurposed, her framework was

strengthened and her elegance was restored.

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014, after years of detailed planning and diligent restoration, efforts to

preserve this landmark jewel and restore the Hall of Justice as the headquarters for the Los

Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office have

come to fruition.

“I have enjoyed seeing The Hall of Justice through many stages in my career. I was impressed by

its grandeur as a young deputy, appreciated its fine detail daily while working there as a Chief’s

Aide, and I am thrilled to see its classic beauty restored, now as Sheriff,” said Sheriff John L.

Scott. “I am proud to see The Hall repurposed to serve the citizens of Los Angeles County once


“I am delighted to see this architectural gem restored," Los Angeles County District Attorney

Jackie Lacey said. "I commend the Los Angeles County leaders who worked to preserve and

reopen this piece of living history. Although it’s no longer a courthouse, it still will be a place

where justice is served.”

“The Hall of Justice has been painstakingly restored to commemorate its tradition of justice,

while preserving the building’s unique history,” said Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Chairman Don Knabe. “As the new headquarters of the Sheriff’s Department and our District

Attorney, the Hall of Justice represents a fresh start, and the opportunity to move forward and

carve out an illustrious new legacy for law enforcement in Los Angeles County.”

We are proud to rededicate and reopen the Hall of Justice, monument and, once again,

centerpiece, of the Los Angeles County justice system.

For further information, contact:

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Nicole Nishida

Public Information Officer

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Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

Shiara Dávila-Morales

Chief, Media Relations Division

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Los Angeles County Chief Executive Officer

David Sommers

Director, Public Affairs

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