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November 24, 2015: “Full House” Actor Enters Plea in Beverly Hills DUI Case

Ricardo Santiago, Public Information Officer
(213) 257-2000

An actor known for his role on the television show “Full House” entered a no contest plea today to one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of a drug, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Deputy District Attorney Daniel Novey said John Phillip Stamos, 52, was immediately sentenced to three years summary probation in case 5WA32620.

Stamos also was ordered to enter a three-month alcohol education class for first time DUI offenders, two hours of drug and alcohol addiction counseling and provide proof that he attended 52 meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous/Substance Abuse meetings utilizing the 12-step program.

The defendant, who was not present in court, entered the plea through his attorney.

On June 12, the actor was arrested near Canon Drive and Brighton Way after police received reports that he was driving erratically and behaving strangely, prosecutors said.

The case was investigated by the Beverly Hills Police Department.