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October 24, 2014: District Attorney Recognizes City National Bank at High Tech Fraud Symposium

Greg Risling, Public Information Officer
(213) 257-2000

District Attorney Jackie Lacey has recognized City National Bank for its efforts to curb fraud against financial institutions and their customers in Los Angeles County. 

The bank was lauded yesterday at the District Attorney’s 2nd annual High Tech Fraud Symposium in Alhambra for sharing information on fraud activity that aided criminal investigations. The conference drew more than 300 law enforcement personnel, prosecutors and various members from the retail and banking industries. 

“By offering us a first-hand look of how it operates, City National Bank showed us where vulnerabilities for fraud might exist,” District Attorney Lacey said. “The partnership has changed the way we investigate and prosecute credit card fraud. We applaud City National Bank for its corporate responsibility.” 

Among the topics covered include retail data breaches, an overview of the National Cyber Forensic Training Alliance and a case study of the computer malware program known as Gameover Zeus that caused businesses to lose more $100 million. 

The District Attorney’s High Tech Crime Division is a specialized unit of prosecutors and investigators who focus on various cybercrimes such as computer hacking, identity theft and credit fraud.

Last year, District Attorney Lacey recognized Chevron and Shell for their commitment to reduce credit and debit credit fraud at gas pumps. 

For more information about City National, visit the company’s Website at