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October 10, 2013: District Attorney Recognizes Chevron, Shell for High Tech Crime Prevention Efforts

Shiara Dávila-Morales, Media Chief
(213) 257-2000

District Attorney Jackie Lacey today recognized Chevron and Shell for their commitment to reducing credit and debit card fraud at gas pump dispensers throughout Los Angeles County.

The companies were recognized at the District Attorney’s inaugural High Tech Fraud Symposium in Alhambra, an event for prosecutors, law enforcement and others who fight cyber crime. The day-long symposium was made possible through a generous contribution by entrepreneur, attorney and philanthropist Chris Kelly.

“Fuel pump skimming is a crime that has cost consumers, businesses and banks millions of dollars in losses in recent years,” Los Angeles County District Attorney Lacey said. “We honor Chevron and Shell for their corporate responsibility and leadership. It is my hope that other gasoline retailers take similar steps to alleviate this type of theft and protect consumers.”

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has a specialized team of attorneys and investigators in its High Tech Crime Division who aggressively prosecute cyber crimes including identity theft, credit and debit card fraud and computer network intrusions.

To more effectively combat the organized theft of credit card numbers, the High Tech Crime Division set out to work with business partners, including Chevron and Shell.

The two gasoline retailers have lead the charge against credit and debit card fraud by implementing new protocols and adding physical barriers to prevent criminal installation of skimming devices.

“We have a vital mission to protect the public from this devastating criminal activity,” District Attorney Lacey said. “We must use the latest technology to fight these crimes just as the perpetrators use technology to carry out illicit endeavors.”