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March 29, 2022: District Attorney Gascón to Expand Support for Victims in Unsolved Crimes

Ricardo Santiago, Public Information Officer
(213) 257-2000

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón has announced that his office would expand the reach of his Bureau of Victim Services to aid all those who have experienced serious harm, regardless of whether the crime has been solved.

The bureau provides support for crime victims who are being prosecuted by the office. However, as many as 25% of homicides are never resolved. As in resolved cases, the victims in these cases often need financial, medical and emotional support.

District Attorney Gascón committed to supporting victims in unsolved cases, starting with homicides. He also vowed yesterday to find ways to build trust with the community and law enforcement partners to ensure that citizens feel comfortable cooperating with law enforcement to hold those who cause harm responsible.

District Attorney Gascón is requesting additional funding from the Board of Supervisors to support the unit so it may rapidly expand its reach, connecting those who have experienced harm with the community-based services that can build them up.

“When someone has been harmed, when they have suffered the loss of a loved one, they need far more than criminal prosecution to start on the path toward recovery,” District Attorney Gascón said. “Whether they receive that support should not depend on whether the police are able to solve the case or whether our office can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. We will work tirelessly to support all members of this community who have experienced serious harm.”