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July 6, 2017: LADA Salutes its Volunteers of the Year

Every week, volunteers Hanna Dreiling and Rosa Garcia dedicated time to helping victims of crime navigate the criminal justice system. 

As volunteers for the Bureau of Victim Services, the pair collectively donated more than 1,500 hours to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. For their effort and enduring commitment, the two were presented the county’s 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award. 

Dreiling, an Azusa Pacific University graduate and former personal trainer, donated 650 hours for more than a year, working as a victim services representative at the Torrance Courthouse. In that role, Dreiling offered support to crime victims, many of whom were unfamiliar with legal proceedings and had never set foot in court. 

“Everything that you do in this field is usually kind of dark and kind of ugly,” Dreiling said. “With the Bureau of Victim Services, you get to walk with victims and help them recover.” 

In February, the enthusiastic volunteer made her commitment official by accepting a full-time position with the Bureau of Victim Services. 

Before becoming a volunteer, Garcia was a county employee for 33 years. It was her interest in helping others, particularly those affected by crime, that prompted her to join the volunteer ranks in the District Attorney’s Office. 

Now, in her fifth year as a volunteer victim services representative, she continues to find the work immensely rewarding. 

The hours she has invested – more than 950 to date – and the manner in which her supervisor characterizes her performance as “compassionate, caring, patient and sympathetic with crime victims” affirms that this is no ordinary job for Garcia. 

“Most victims are happy and surprised there’s this service and want to have the counseling.” Garcia states. “I like that we’re helping them to heal.” 

Dreiling and Garcia were nominated for the county’s Volunteer of the Year Award by their volunteer coordinators. The women were presented with the award at a ceremony in April where volunteers from throughout the county were honored for their service. 

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