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November 19, 2018: LADA Employees Receive Awards at 39th Annual Jemison Awards

On November 15, four Los Angeles County District Attorney employees were recognized at the 39th annual Jemison Awards ceremony for their exemplary dedication to the office and the community.

The Frank and Jane Jemison Awards were presented to:

• Senior District Attorney Investigator Jenelle Meier for her leadership on many behind-the-scenes assignments to improve the safety and effectiveness of her colleagues in the office’s Bureau of Investigation; and

• Senior Paralegal Belinda Herrera for her expertise on procedures for obtaining criminal history information and helping to develop a network with other agencies when records of prior offenses are needed.

Senior Investigator Greg Hernandez was recognized with the Michael P. Noyes Humanitarian Award for his numerous community efforts including having taken in 23 foster children and renovating his home so that each child has his or her own personal room.

Deputy District Attorney Brian Kelberg was presented with the Ken Lamb Distinguished Achievement Award for his years of work as a prosecutor and vast legal knowledge and ability to deconstruct issues.

The Frank and Jane Jemison Awards were established in 1979 to recognize an outstanding district attorney investigator and support staff member. The awards were named for the late Frank Jemison, who was a lieutenant in the Bureau of Investigation, and his late wife, Jane, who set up a trust to support these honors.

The Michael P. Noyes Humanitarian Award is presented annually to an employee who gives significantly of himself or herself by donating personal time and physical, financial and/or emotional support to help another individual or community in need. The award is named for retired Deputy District Attorney Michael P. Noyes, who in 2001 donated part of his lung to a girl whose life was threatened by cystic fibrosis.

The Ken Lamb Distinguished Achievement Award is presented annually to a respected career prosecutor who consistently demonstrates high principles and standards, and a commitment to serving as an unwavering advocate for justice. The award recognizes the contributions of Ken Lamb, the award’s first recipient.