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Fraud & Corruption

Like other crimes, fraud and corruption can harm individuals and tear at the very fiber of society. Schemes that defraud the government and businesses cost County residents millions in taxes, higher insurance premiums, and higher retail prices. Unscrupulous business practices erode consumer trust. Environmental crimes poison our most valuable natural resources and endanger the community. Crimes by judicial officers, law enforcement personnel, elected officials, or others operating within the public trust violate individual rights and undermine the very foundation of our democracy.

Highlighted here are prosecution units in the District Attorney’s Office committed to addressing these pernicious crimes. Specially trained prosecutors and investigators are assigned to these units and prosecute cases involving fraud, corruption, law enforcement and official misconduct, and environmental crimes. Each is dedicated to ensuring that the integrity of our financial, public, and law enforcement sectors is maintained.

This section also contains tips on how to protect yourself from fraud and on how you can report official misconduct to the proper authorities. An engaged and vigilant community is an effective defense against these devastating crimes.

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