Volunteer Opportunities

As the nation’s largest local prosecutorial agency, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office offers a wide range of important volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer positions are available for high school students; college or university undergraduate and post-graduate students; law school students; and recent law school graduates who are awaiting California Bar Examination results.

Attorney volunteer positions are available only for attorneys participating in the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Trial Advocacy Project (TAP Project). General volunteer positions are available for individuals who have been selected to assist with a special project or assignment.

There also are opportunities for members of the public who want to assist crime victims.

The District Attorney's Office provides important information about the eligibility requirements for various volunteer positions in the office. The packet also details the proper procedures that must be followed by all potential volunteer candidates. Applicants must also complete the Background Investigation Waiver.

Click here for the Application Packet.

Click here for the Background Investigation Waiver.

If you are interested in working with victims of crime, read more about volunteering with the District Attorney’s Bureau of Victim Services.