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LADA Consumer Alert Los Angeles County

Banking Information Request Scam

Steve Cooley, District Attorney
County of Los Angeles

District Attorney Steve Cooley is warning consumers to be extremely wary of telephone calls requesting sensitive banking information.

These “robo-calls” play recorded messages that claim to be from major banks. The message states that there is a problem with the “banking network” and asks call recipients to verify account information, debit card numbers and/or credit card numbers linked to their bank account.

Criminals use this information to take over victims’ bank accounts, apply for credit cards or obtain cash using victims’ legitimate debit card numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs).

The District Attorney wants consumers to know that legitimate banks and financial institutions do not call their customers to request personal identifying information or discuss banking network problems.

Recipients of these calls should not provide any information. They should contact the customer service department of their bank in person, over a land-line telephone or online after confirming their Internet connection is secure and their normal security user name, password and site keys have been displayed.

If consumers believe they are victims of this fraud, they should contact local law enforcement.

December 27, 2011

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