Fraud Alerts/PSAs

June 28, 2019: Travel Agent Scam Derails Summer Fun


A travel agent offers plane tickets at a great discount and the client receives a confirmation,but weeks later the hopeful traveler realizes it’s a con.

In the Travel Agent Scam, a thief with a stolen credit card claims to be a travel agent offering deep discounts on airfare. The so-called agent agrees to visit the customer at their work or home and purchases the ticket on the airline website in view of the customer.

The victim is shown the listed price and offered a significant discount. The fake travel agent purchases the ticket and the customer pays in cash and receives a real ticket confirmation code. A few weeks later, the airline declines the ticket because it has been reported as a fraudulent charge on the stolen credit card.


  • Purchase tickets directly from the airline or through a legitimate travel agent or travel website.
  • Be wary of discounts and last-minute deals offered by individuals and not the airlines.
  • Compare prices. If the deal offered by the “travel agent” is significantly less than what is offered elsewhere, it is likely a scam.

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