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January 13, 2017: Don’t Get Duped in Tech Support Scam

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Computer users need to be careful if they receive unsolicited calls from thieves posing as technicians who claim they will fix problems with their devices.

In the tech support scam, unsuspecting users will receive a call from a blocked or international number with the person claiming to be an employee from a computer or software manufacturer.

Using scare tactics, the scammer urgently claims a virus or malware has been detected on the person's computer. The caller may even ask to take over the personal computer remotely to install software.

To fix the problem, the crook inevitably asks for payment, usually several hundred dollars, via credit card or online.


  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission at to report the incident.
  • Call the company of your computer to verify any possible problems.
  • Never give your personal identifying information, credit card information or bank account information over the phone.

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