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June 26, 2020: Prescription Drug Scam Aimed at Seniors Can Be Costly, Deadly

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Online counterfeit drug scams are everywhere. They can drain your savings and be deadly.

In the prescription drug scam, Internet retailers tout benefits or cures for ailments that haven’t been scientifically supported or have been debunked by the medical industry. The businesses also promise better prices.

In some instances, the thieves take the money and never deliver a product.  More dangerously, they may deliver counterfeit “drugs” that pose serious and, possibly, fatal health risks.


  • Discuss any online prescription plans with your doctor
  • Be wary of any site that offers a prescription for simply filling out a questionnaire
  • Only buy prescriptions online from a pharmacy approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (
  • If you send money and don’t receive anything in return, call local law enforcement

For more information on scams that target seniors, go to the Elder Abuse/Financial Fraud pages of the District Attorney’s website ( or

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