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June 26, 2015: Summertime Brings Home Repair Scams

Summertime Brings Home Repair Scams

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As temperatures rise, so does the potential for door-to-door sales scams that target seniors.

Scam artists posing as salespeople fan out into neighborhoods trying to convince homeowners that they need their air conditioning ducts cleaned, their driveway repaved or their windows replaced. Many will offer prices well below what legitimate contractors would charge. 

A telling sign that the offer is not valid is when a salesperson boasts that their prices are low because they have supplies left over from another project. The salesperson also may ask for money upfront and will not put the offer in writing.


  • Don’t fall for pressure tactics. Scam artists want you to act quickly. Most legitimate companies will allow you time to shop around and consider your options.
  • Research the business. Ask for a California State Contractors License ( and information on whether the person is bonded. 
  • Put your personal safety first. If you don’t know the person at the door, don’t answer.

For more information on scams that target seniors, go to the Elder Abuse/Financial Fraud pages of the District Attorney’s website ( If you or someone you know has been the victim of a scam, please contact the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs at (800) 593-8222 or visit 

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