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May 24, 2019: Hidden Costs Could Lurk Beneath Picturesque Vacation Deals


Don’t let hidden costs and restrictions turn a dream vacation into a disappointment.

In the Vacation Discount Scam, underhanded travel businesses offer discounts for airfare, resorts, cruises and other vacation packages, but the deals often include hidden costs or require extra fees to enjoy the full package of benefits.

Many times the buyer is forced to sit through high-pressure sales presentations that can last for hours. The quality of the accommodations also can be less than advertised.

Some companies even claim to offer free vacation packages that actually have undisclosed costs and restrictions, such as processing fees, peak-season travel charges and departure and arrival taxes.


  • Research vacation companies offering deals with the Better Business Bureau and other sources.
  • Get everything in writing before providing payment. Read the fine print for hidden costs, restrictions and requirements. Be sure you know the cancellation policy.
  • Pay with a credit card and put down only a deposit, if possible. Never pay in full for a vacation package with a wire transfer or prepaid debit card.

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