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October 23, 2015: Seniors Must Stay Sharp to Avoid Distraction Burglaries

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Thieves are targeting seniors by going to their homes and distracting them to steal valuables.

The con artists sometimes are dressed as municipal or utility workers. They may even flash a fake employee identification and claim they need to inspect the roof, check the water meter or take measurements. Other times they pose as a couple with a young child and ask if they can use the bathroom.

The thieves then will get the victim in a room or an area that is isolated. The con artist usually is accompanied by a cohort who will enter the home without the victim’s knowledge and takes items such as cash, jewelry and small electronics. 


  • Do not unlock or open doors for unknown or uninvited visitors
  • Do not let strangers inside your house or on your property
  • If someone comes unannounced and wants to get inside your house, call 911

For more information on scams that target seniors, go to the Elder Abuse/Financial Fraud pages of the District Attorney’s website (

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