Fraud Alerts/PSAs

May 11, 2018: Crooked Employers Target Immigrants with Labor Fraud


Immigrants and others working in industries such as housekeeping, garment manufacturing and agriculture should know there are laws protecting them from exploitation.

Crooked employers may use Human Trafficking Labor Fraud to lure immigrants and other people in need with promises of good-paying jobs.

The perpetrators, which can be businesses and individuals, take advantage of the victims’ vulnerable situation, making them work for little or no pay in poor conditions or even forcing them into sex slavery. 

In some cases, corrupt employers sponsor immigrants to work legally in the United States but take advantage of their fears about losing their documented status. Sometimes, traffickers bring immigrants into the country and force victims to work if they cannot pay exorbitant fees.

All workers have labor and civil rights protections, regardless of their immigration status.

Victims of human trafficking and anyone who believes they have witnessed such activity should call the California Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) at (888) 539-2373 or text BeFree (233-733).

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