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July 8, 2016: Crooks Take Over Cell Phones in Porting Scam

Image of Cell Phone Port Scam Graphic

People often list their cell phone numbers as the best way for banks and other businesses to contact them. However, thieves have become adept at taking over mobile phone accounts without their owners’ consent or knowledge.

In the cell phone port scam, identity thieves call the victim’s phone company and ask to transfer the number to another phone – a process known as porting. 

Once crooks take control of a cell phone account, the victim no longer receives calls or text messages. Thieves then approve their own fraudulent charges and victims remain unaware of any illegal shopping sprees until their monthly statements arrive. 


  • If you cannot receive or make phone calls, contact your carrier
  • If you receive emails showing unauthorized action on your cell phone account, contact your carrier or bank directly
  • Check for any changes in your mobile phone bill

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