Fraud Alerts/PSAs

October 12, 2018: Blackmail Letter Scammers Don’t Really Have Dirt


Everyone has secrets, and fraudsters using a new blackmail scam are banking on that.

In the Blackmail Letter Scam, victims receive a letter stating that the sender has information about a “secret” that could be harmful to the victim if revealed.

The con artist may claim to have emails, photos or other proof of an affair or some other scandalous situation. The scammers demand payment, often in bitcoin, in exchange for their silence.

In reality, the letter is a ruse and the blackmailer doesn’t actually have any damaging information about the victim.


  • Don’t trust letters or emails that make outrageous claims or demands.
  • Don’t make payments to unknown entities with bitcoin by phone, online or in person.
  • Change your email and social media account passwords if you receive such a letter, as hackers often sell lists of compromised account holders to blackmail scammers.

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